Monday, 29 August 2016

1, 2, 3 Berlin!

Truth be told, I’ve never been mad about travelling. Of course I’ve found countries and cities interesting but never had a desire to get up and venture anywhere - until now. Berlin is the second place I’ve visited after Grenoble, where I caught the travel bug. Alongside my boyfriend-turned-tour-guide with his trusty Lonely Planet book, we literally wandered across as much of the city as we could in three short days.

One. We kicked off a very, very quiet Sunday with a solid buffet brunch, followed by much-anticipated visits to the Holocaust memorial, Brandenburg gate and parts of the Berlin Wall scattered across the city centre. In the evening we U-Bahnned over to Friedrichshain for drinks at a place called Hops and Barley, recommended by The Lonely Planet. I intended to train my palate in advance of the trip but for one reason or another (I hate beer) I didn’t. I tried to compromise with a shandy, but even that was a struggle. I did however try a multicoloured cider drink and that was nice.

Two. Monday was a lot busier than Sunday, plus the sun was out - double bonus. We spent the afternoon finding Checkpoint Charlie and visiting the Jewish Museum. Then we grabbed a burger and a bench at the highly acclaimed Berlin Burger International. It was insane.

Three. On our last day in Berlin, we explored the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. Errors were definitely made overlooking this place when we first arrived. We more or less dropped off our luggage at the hotel we were staying at and headed straight to the city centre. At the time we had no idea we were around the corner from loads of pretty streets filled with shops, boutiques and cafes.  

For a history buff like Jamie, Berlin was an absolute dream and despite being the total opposite, I enjoyed it too. I was especially intrigued by the contrasting architecture in the west, the centre and the east. You can’t help but feel the remnants of a turbulent history, it’s so freshly ingrained in the city. All in all my trip to Berlin was, for lack of a better phrase, really cool, but unfortunately it's a no from me on the beer front.

On to the next city (Vienna’s currently on the cards)!

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